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Frequently Asked Questions.....

How do I schedule an appointment?

At this time, the easiest way to schedule an appointment is to directly contact me via phone or use the contact form here


What will my first session be like?

It is perfectly normal to feel a certain degree of nervousness about starting therapy with someone new.  We are all human and get nervous about meeting new people or trying new things. 

That being said, the first therapy session is generally about introducing ourselves to each other. There are some forms to review about the mechanics of therapy such as reviewing confidentiality and your personal history. I will often ask questions about what issues or concerns bring you to therapy and the goals that you'd like to accomplish. Time permitting, I also like to give you something to practice before our next session such as a new coping skill.

If you want to prepare for this first session, you can spend some time thinking about what changes you want in your life and what you believe to be your problem areas. If you like, you can bring notes to help you remember.

How long will the process take?

Therapy is truly an experience that is unique to the person/persons in it so it is difficult to say how long it will take you to get the results you want. Some people stay in for a few days only, and some stay in therapy for years. The average, however, is about 8 sessions. I would ask that if you decide to start therapy with me, that you give yourself time to get comfortable with me and with the process which can take several sessions. Because of that, I would ask that you make the commitment to yourself to stay for at least 3 sessions.

Does Virtual Therapy Really Work?

Some of us have gotten really used to taking zoom meetings or to talking to family using FaceTime, while to others this remains something new and unknown. Either way, people are unsure if virtual therapy can be as helpful as regular face-to-face counseling. 

Well, the good news is that virtual therapy has been shown to be as effective as traditional face-to-face! Outcomes are the same, and relationships are just as supportive and nurturing. Plus, the benefits of virtual therapy include no commute time, increased privacy, increased availability to rural areas, and for some, it's easier to share private information with someone online.

How does confidentiality Work?

I strictly follows the guidelines set out by the American Counseling Association and the State of Michigan. For the most part, this says that all information shared with your counselor is kept private and confidential unless you sign a written waiver. Exceptions to this rule include if you are thought to be a danger to yourself or to someone else, or if a court orders it. The counselor is also mandated by law to report any suspected child or elder abuse.

Notes will be taken during our sessions together and will not be shared without your express permission.

Will my health insurance cover therapy?

I now accept insurance!! Currently, I can accept BCBS of Michigan, Aetna, Oxford, United Healthcare, BCBS of Massachusetts, Oscar Health, and Cigna. 


If you have one of the listed insurances, the answer is maybe your insurance will cover therapy. I use a company called Headway that will check your insurance for you. However, as you will ultimately be responsible for any charges, it is best if you check your benefits for yourself and understand exactly what is covered and what isn't. People also will often have to meet a deductible and/or pay a copay before their insurance will pay for their sessions.


For more information on what your particular insurance will cover, I encourage you to contact your insurance directly. Check for a phone number on your insurance card, and you can use this worksheet as a template for questions to ask them.

Do you offer a sliding scale fee?

No, but I do work with Open Path to provide services at reduced rates to those who are unable to otherwise afford it. If this is something that interests you, please check out the link below for further information, and remember to request Jean Snyder!

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