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Have you been experiencing anxiety or depression lately? Has it been harder and harder to just get through the day? Or perhaps you have just been wondering if this is all there is to life and you want more for yourself.  I want you to know that there is hope! Your life can improve and you can get that happiness that you deserve, even if you aren't sure that you DO deserve it.

Imbalances in our lives and inadequate coping skills learned in your past during times of stress or trauma may no longer be helping as much as they once did. I will help you to explore these past experiences and patterns to improve your ability to cope and to allow you to flourish!

Hi, I'm Jean, and I'm glad you're here. My experiences as a Mental Health Counselor and as an Occupational Therapist have led me to believe that sharing thoughts and feelings in a supportive, nonjudgmental relationship along with the careful use of meaningful activity can bring about powerful growth and healing. I like to foster an environment in which we can work together as a team. YOU are the expert in your life, and therapy can help you to get your life back on track.

Starting therapy is a sign of strength, not weakness. It's you doing what is needed to improve your personal life and the life you share with your family, friends, and coworkers. It's helping you start on a journey to a better future.

Jean Snyder, MA LPC


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Have you been experiencing increased feelings of sadness, isolation, loss of interest, and irritability? Depression can sap you of energy and make doing everyday activities difficult.


Counseling can help you learn the tools you need to bring happiness back to your life. Clink the link above for more info.

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Have you found yourself getting anxious more often lately? Maybe it's in social situations, or about a particular situation or object, or it just seems to be for no reason at all.


Anxiety is very treatable! There are real solutions available to you! Please follow the link above for more information.

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If you've survived childhood abuse, chances are you have some symptoms of PTSD. There's no shame in it and it doesn't mean that you're weak in any way. Treatment can help you to get your life back. Click on the link above for more information and get started today.

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All of us struggle with being confident from time to time. However, if low self-esteem or a lack of confidence is interfering with your ability to live your best life, therapy can help. Find out more about self-esteem counseling by following the link above.

Rock Maze

CBT is a type of therapy that has been proven effective when coping with strong emotions. I like to use it when someone is experiencing anxiety, depression, anger or strong negative thoughts that interfere with maintaining a positive sense of self. Please click the link above to find out more about CBT.

Now Accepting Insurance

I can now accept the following insurances: BCBS of Mi, BCBS of Mass, Aetna, Cigna, Oscar Health, Optum, and United Healthcare. 

Virtual Services in Florida

I am now registered to deliver virtual therapy throughout the state of Florida. This means that snow birds are able to continue therapy during their winters away! Or really anyone living in Florida full time. Please ask me for more details.

Get in Touch

I look forward to meeting you. Please let me know how to best reach you and I will reply within 24 business hours.


Or call me direct at (248) 238-5588.


Jean Snyder MA LPC

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