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10 Tips to Start Building Your Confidence Today

We can all suffer a lack of confidence from time to time or in certain situations. This is completely normal. But sometimes our lack of self-confidence can affect us in our daily lives- at work, in relationships, in our willingness to try new things, and in other ways. When you start to notice this, you might start to wonder why this is.

Take a look at children around you and you will notice that children are born with a true sense of self-confidence. They believe in themselves, and they believe in their ability to accomplish whatever they want. But then life happens. We are insulted, we fail, we are discouraged from following our passions and these things can start to erode our confidence. This is especially true if your family or support group isn’t very supportive, or worse yet, actively undermines you. But there is hope. There are things that you can do to help build up your confidence.

Where Does Confidence Come From

Confidence comes from living your life according to your passions and your values. It is you believing in your life decisions. Confidence is doing activities that feed your soul and build you up. It is trusting in your decisions, your skills, and from supporting a positive view of the world.

If you’ve been knocked around a bit by life and aren’t feeling so confident anymore, give yourself permission to start from where you are right now and slowly start to build it back up.

Check out below for some tips to help you build your confidence!

10 Tips to Building Confidence

1. Spend some time thinking about the things that you have accomplished. These can be things at work or in your private life. You can even write a list of things that you are proud of.

2. Learn how to talk back to your negative self-talk The negative thoughts will slowly erode your confidence and self-confidence. So it’s important to become more aware of the messages that you tell yourself and replace them with thoughts that are more positive.

3. Take time to learn new skills. Learning will help you to feel more accomplished and stronger. It will boost your self-esteem.

4. Do nice things for other people. Volunteer at a food bank, lend a friend a shoulder to cry on, babysit for your neighbor, or even just compliment your co-worker’s new hairstyle. Doing nice things for other people will give you a boost and help you to feel better and more positive about yourself.

5. Spend time doing something that you are passionate about. This can be work-related, or a hobby,

6. Surround yourself with people who are positive. Negative people can drain you and sap your confidence. Positivity can increase your confidence. Spend less time with people who bring you down, or even try telling them how their behaviors and words are affecting you.

7. Exercise can help you to feel better physically, to look better, can lessen your stress, and can boost the feel-good endorphins that can act like cannabis in your brain, boosting your mood and your confidence.

8. Spend less time on social media. People on social media tend to compare themselves with other people there. However, the stuff that is posted on social media is at best carefully selected information to show people in their best light. If you’re comparing your everyday life to someone else’s fantasy life.

9. Accept that you will fail sometimes and that it’s OK. Everyone fails some of the time. That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you, or that you are destined to always fail. Instead, try to learn from your mistakes and do better next time. If looked at the right way, failure can actually lead to increased confidence. Do this by praising yourself for trying to do something rather than praising yourself only when you achieve something.

10. Try therapy. If you have been struggling with self-confidence for a while now, talking with a professional can help.

Closing Thoughts

Sometimes these tips will help, and other times more might be needed. If you find that you’ve tried these tips, and haven’t noticed an improvement in your self-confidence, please contact me to further discuss this topic, or to begin self-esteem counseling. Please follow the link!



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